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The wine history of Decibel's Daniel Brennan starts in his family with a Sicilian grandfather who was a winemaker and cooper.  His family's involvement in the restaurant business in Philadelphia and their overall zeal for the 'Old World' inspired Daniel to live, work and travel throughout Europe extensively. Somewhere in his travels he followed his first passion, music, where he toured North America for 6 years while working with independent artists. Eventually Daniel ended up in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand where he studied Wine Science and Viticulture and took on the challenge of bringing the great wines of New Zealand to the rest of the world. In 2009 Daniel started his own label, Decibel, as a shout back to those days touring with independent artists. Today, when Daniel isn't in Hawkes Bay making wine, he's touring around the globe making noise, raising the dB level..

Domaines Bunan

In the depths of the Bandol appellation, on the edge of the Mediterranean, the Château La Rouvière in the Cadière d'Azur is an exceptional place at the top of limestone hills. We at Domaines Bunan grow a wide range of grape types including Mourvèdre, Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah...

Domaine Chiroulet

Over the last 150 years, six generations have strived obstinately and with a certain amount of success to keep Domaine Chiroulet prospering, demonstrating their true loyalty to the Ténarèze soil. The Chiroulet estate is situated on the highest slopes in Gascony, at around 180 metres (600 feet) altitude.  The particular care taken over the blending (with a predominance of the Merlot grape) and the fact that they...

Château du Hureau

The Château du Hureau is located in the small town of Dampierre sur Loire, about four miles east of Saumur and 15 miles west of Chinon. Philippe Vatan was thrust into the limelight at the Château du Hureau by the tragic and untimely death of his brother in 1987.  It is a testament to his fortitude and skills as vigneron that he has made such a success of this domaine, now considered one of the top in the appellation...

Côtes du Coeur

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DECANTING - Decanting Wine
Written by Ken Shoemaker - Staff Writer
08/19/2011 02:07 PM
Even "everyday" wines can benefit from decanting. In this article, we show you how to properly decant wines and why it's so important. It's fun and easy!
Last Updated on 12/05/2012 03:35 PM
FINCACONSTANCIA - Featured Winery - Finca-Constancia
Written by Imported Wines Staff
08/21/2011 08:58 AM
When you are looking for something that special occasion, we've got a winery that is filled with Spanish history dating back to the early 18th century.
Last Updated on 12/05/2012 03:35 PM
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The moderate climate in Germany means that grapes are often harvested in October and November, much later than in most other wine growing areas.
Domaine Gris des Bauries is a small 12 hectare winery situated in the rolling hills overlooking the Rhône Valley.